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Güvenlik ve/veya İnsan Hakları: Güvenlik ve İnsan Hakları Arasındaki Kesişim

28 Tem 2023

İnsan Hakları Akademisi, "Güvenlik ve İnsan Hakları" konulu geleneksel yıllık yaz okulunun üçüncüsünü duyurmaktan memnuniyet duyar: Güvenlik ve İnsan Hakları Arasındaki Arayüz." 17-22 Eylül 2023 tarihleri arasında İzmir, Türkiye'de düzenlenecek olan bu kapsamlı program, güvenlik ve insan hakları arasındaki kritik kesişimi keşfetmeyi amaçlamaktadır.

As the world faces evolving security and human rights challenges, it is essential to engage in in-depth discussions and examine the complex relationship between the two. This summer school offers a unique opportunity for students, academics, professionals, and human rights advocates to deepen their understanding of this critical interface and contribute to advancing knowledge and practice in this field. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking lectures, interactive workshops, and panel discussions that delve into key topics such as:

• Security Studies at the Crossroads of Human Rights

• Human Rights Perspectives on Domestic Security Operations

• The Role of UNHCR in Protecting Human Rights and State Autonomy:

• The Role of Frontex in Protecting Human Rights While Securing EU Borders

• Human Rights Responsibility for Security Operations Abroad• Security and/or Humanity?

Applicants with a background or interest in human rights, security studies, law, international relations, and related fields are encouraged to apply. The program welcomes participants from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.


• Olgun Akbulut, Kadir Has University Law School

• Rick Lawson, Leiden Law School

• Eylül Başak Tuncel, UNHCR Izmir

• Ekin Akmanoğlu, UNHCR İzmir

• Grigorios Tsioukas, Deputy Fundamental Rights Officer at Frontex

Applicants should apply for the program until August 15. 2023 via the form on . The selected applicants shall be notified via e-mail. Selected participants will be provided with accommodation and meals during the summer school. Travel costs is expected to be covered by the participants themselves but they can apply for financial assistance from Human Rights Academy. Join us in Izmir to explore the intricate relationship between security and human rights, broaden your knowledge, network with experts in the field, and contribute to the ongoing discussions on this important topic. For further information, please visit or contact Human Rights Academy via e-mail at

In order to see the program please click here.


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